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Instagram Custom Direct Message

Instagram Custom Direct Message

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Purchase at least 5 Google reviews to validate the order.

What our Google Premium review purchase service includes:

  • The choice of the number of Google stars between 1 & 5
  • Google Reviews are published by genuine, active Google Accounts that are Google Verified.
  • A progressive publication of notices for a natural effect.
  • A guarantee 0 risk of penalty.

Option included:

  • Drafting of tailor-made opinions after study of your type of market by our team.


How it works ?

Can reviews be deleted?

Reviews from each platform are posted by real accounts with a unique IP address, making them authentic and undeletable.

Are the reviews published by French accounts?

We have the ability to choose the location where the review will be published. For example on the Trustpilot platform, an acronym mentions the location of the account that posted the review, you can choose from more than 100 countries. If no mention is made, we automatically publish with French accounts.

How many reviews are published per day?

In order to have a natural effect and avoid any suspicion of the platforms' algorithms, we cannot exceed a quota per day. For Google it is between 4 and 5 days reviews, and for the other platforms (Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, Facebook and others) we are on 5 reviews per day.

When will my post-purchase review campaign start?

The review campaign begins within 24 hours of purchase.

Do you provide an invoice?

Yes the invoice will be provided by email under your request.

Can I buy 1 star reviews for a designed?


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